A Temporary Farewell

Hello friends!

Alas, I come to you all on this day with sorrowful yet necessary news. I implore you all to forgive my wretchedness…okay so maybe I have been reading too much Homer! 😁

Any who, friends…I must admit that it is true. Until the end of April, I am taking a much needed blog hiatus, a temporary farewell. My school load is increasing as I approach the end of the year, and I have to focus on my studies.

I apologize, friends, as I realize that I have disappeared from my blog since Valentine’s day. Essays and long reading assignments are to blame, and I must gain the high ground! 😄

However, do not fear it is only temporal, and I shall return with a post on WandaVision straight away, which I must is say is quite fascinating! Also, by that time the Falcon and Winter Soldier show will also be coming to a close, so I will hope to provide you all with excellent content when I return.

I wish you all a wonderful rest of the Lent and Easter season, and I will see you all at the end of April!

Until next time,

Time Lady of Coruscant 😉

Thanks Kevin! 😄

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